Does anybody wear varifocals? I was talked into buying my first pair a few weeks ago, before then I only had reading glasses. I was told I would have to get used to them but they made my eyes and head ache. This didnt improve so I went back to the opticians and saw a different woman who said they needed refitting, which she did. I wore them most of the day and they felt good, I was surprised. A few days later they felt loose and started sliding down my nose so off to the opticians again. One thing, when I went to pick them up I was told that they had to be perfectly positioned, which is difficult as my right arm hasnt worked properly for a few months. I dont know why I need the equivalent of threee lenses in my glasses but was talked out of bifocals probably because varifocals cost so much more. I would love to hear others peoples experiences of varifocals. Yvonne

I’ve been wearing varifocal glasses for ages. I know that at first you can be disorientated by the multiple lens effects; if that doesn’t go quickly then your glasses are not positioned right - that means the optician has to rejig the arm or nose length. I have loved them ever since my first pair, I need to wear distance glasses all the time and when my close vision started to get old I hated the tought of always having to change specs or having the line of bifocal glasses (bifocals always remind me of a very mean teacher I had age 9! :x ) Having just one pair of high spec lightweight glasses that I can read with, look with and that react to strong sunlight is a great investment :smiley: Clare

Hi, when I had my eye test 2 yrs ago, I was talked into getting varifocals. I reckon it took 3 motnhs to get properly used to them. Recently i decided to go for all one lens (readers). Now I wish I had varifocals gain, as the long vision is much better. I tend to use my old ones more than my new ones now. luv Pollx

I wore varifocals for years until my double vision went crazy a few months ago. Apparently I tip my head to get a single image which throws the varifocal positioning off. Now I have two pairs of specs and I never have the correct ones on. Read the radio times (reading specs), look up to set the TV box (long distance specs),forget the channel, back to consult radio times again (reading specs) back to the TV(long distance specs) It drives me crazzy. :twisted:

I tried to get used to varifocals a few years back, I was told they would phone me in a few days to see if I got used to them, no I did not, I felt sick like I was going to throw up and really bad headaches, so I had to take them back to get 2 pairs of glasses, but I knew then I had at least tried to get used to them. the opticians is spec savers they are brill Al x

I’ve had them for about 6 years without a problem, although my latest pair aren’t so great, I am finding it easier just to take them off to read. I should have gone back to the optician within the 30 days and had a different pair, but I thought they would be ok once I got used to them. Stuck with em now at least for a while - can’t afford another £360 yet!

Hi all,

Thabks for your replies, all very interesting. I think I am another one that they don’t suit. My optician didn’t give me the option of taking them back even though I’m in and out twice a week. It’s not easy either as the door isn’t very wide and not automatic.

I’ll just have to save up again.