I used to be cracowian - only just re-joined following change of format a few months ago. Not sure how it all works but here goes!

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There you are! I was just getting ready to post “where is everybody”. We’re still missing too many people. Welcome back!

Woohoo, I’ve been wondering where you were K/Crak/cowian. Glad you’re back with us.

Blimey there’s been some changes around here. This new format is weird. You’d maybe think some of us were used to weird! But it’s not caused by our kind of oddity!

Anyway, here we are. Or at least, here some of us are. Notable absences: Boudica (no idea why), CWCarole (computer died and needed a break anyway), Scudger decided we were boring (again) and a bit cliquey (again).

Obviously Anthony/professor of general ‘knowing things’ is sadly gone from us :sleepy:

I’m very glad you’re back though. Who else is to attempt to teach us all fragments of the Welsh language?


I wondered what happened to Carole. Does anyone know if she’s okay? Any updates on Bouds?

Great to hear from you once again. The forum has changed and so has the way it is used. Good ? Bad? who knows Different certainly.
Hope you are as good as you can be.

I did speak to Carole a few weeks ago. (We exchanged numbers yonks ago because someone went missing and we didn’t know where they were!!) She’s OK, just the computer that’s ill. And she decided to take a bit of a break from the forum for a while.

As far as I know Bouds is OK. I know she’s been active on another website. So I assume she’s either got a problem with her user ID as her computer is fine and/or she too is taking a break for a while.

It happens now and then. Particularly when there’s a change to the site, people have trouble getting comfortable with the new site and decide they’ll absent themselves for a while. I took a couple of years off when the last incarnation was launched. It didn’t look or feel right, which seems incredible now that I subsequently spent so long on that site!

People usually show up again. Sometimes with new usernames.


Thanks - good to see familiar names on this site. I seem to have acquired a new user-name – no longer (K)Cracowian but now ‘valleyboy’ - not quite sure how that happened but hey ho!
Had a bit of a health scare recently - have had a lump on my neck for some time - referred to local hospital to have it scanned - saw consultant and told it was cancer - advised to have operation (4 hrs!) and warned that I would probably end up with a weak/limp/useless right arm because of the position of the lump - evidently lots of nerves in that area. Refused a biopsy - made a fuss - 8 months! later at another hospital a biopsy taken - no sign of cancer. Massive relief but 8 months of worry. Complained to the first hospital and have an appointment at the end of the month with original consultant - as if having m.s. wasn’t enough to contend with!
Any way good to be back - so sad England lost the Euro finals - )I think not!)

Flippin’ heck, sounds like you have been through the ringer. Good to hear that there is no sign of cancer.
As for the football, not sure I give a flying ****
Bunch of prancing millionaire lawn fairies.

Nice to see you Cracowian. I didn’t give a *#+@¥ for the football either but that’s because it’s an annoying game, nothing to do with nationalism.

So I’m in Micks gang. Lawn fairies. Not that there’ss anything wrong with fairies. If you’re a little girl who doesn’t want Tinkerbell to die.

I’m relieved your ‘scare’ didnt end up being cancer. Bloody hell though, you’ve been through a really rough time.


Welcome back.
I’m on school holidays now so maybe have more time to read and reply.
Take care

So it’s not just me who doesn’t like change! I used to post on the old site (usually when I needed advice or just cheering up). I’ve been looking at this new site over the last couple of days, and it’s making me feel a bit unsettled - I’m not quite sure what to make of it.
Best wishes to everyone,

No Janet, not just you. There’ve been several threads on the themes of ‘I hate the new site’, ‘why is it so bright’, ‘I don’t like it’, ‘where is everyone?’, ‘I’m off!’ ‘I can’t get to grips with it’, ‘I hate it’ (that one has appeared a few times!)

Some of the old timers like it. Some are gradually getting sort of used to it (but still mourn for the old site) - I’m in this group. It still doesn’t seem to ‘flow’ as well. Conversations are clumsy because the latest post always appears at the bottom, so instead of being able to reply to an individual post, it appears all mixed up. Friendships are difficult to develop. Those of us who know each other from years on the old forum are keeping up - just. But building new relationships is difficult.

I think Admin believe they are responding to comments, but that doesn’t mean everyone feels that their problems with the site are really being addressed. The trouble is (I think), that the new site is built, it’s here, it works in the way it does, and there’s no fixing some of the problems. There’s certainly going to be no ‘binning the new site and reverting to our old comfy familiar forum’.

If you keep trying, eventually it starts to make sense and it’s manageable. Sooner or later it will be second nature!


Hi Sue, I wouldn’t say I ‘hate’ the new site (that’s a bit strong). You’re absolutely right that navigation seems to be the main issue, and putting the latest posts at the bottom just seems a bit silly. Oh well, that’s progress I suppose some would say??? But, like you, I still prefer the comfy old site. Xxx