Vague symptoms

Hey I was somewhat disgruntled when my GP described my concerted efforts at describing my worries and problems as ‘vague’. I have been advised to have blood tests, the general feeling is that they will provide evidence of menopause. I disagree. Hs anyone else had problems describing physiological / psychological symptoms or a generally unhelpful GP response?

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Describing invisible, pretty “weird” symptoms is always hard. It’s easier when the person you’re describing them to has experience of them or has other patients with the same thing, but most GPs know very little about neurology so you’re starting off with an uphill climb straightaway :frowning:

Menopause can cause lots of weird things as can vitamin and mineral deficiencies and lots of other non-neurological conditions. The best thing to do for now is try and keep an open mind. Hopefully it will be something easy to sort with some supplements!

Karen x

Thanks Karen. I had this set of blood tests a year ago, which came back normal, so am a little perplexed as to why I need them again! In no way am I wishing for a diagnosis of MS, i guess that I just want to be listened to and taken seriously B-)

It’s pretty important to have the right blood tests done. If this batch come back normal, push for a more thorough battery of tests, including key vitamins and minerals. It’s amazing the things a deficiency can do :frowning:

Also check to see if there is a GP in your surgery with some neurological experience. You might find them more receptive to “vague” descriptions!