Using a cane outdoors for the first time

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and sharing your stories, I knew there would be alot of who who have been through the same thing!

Haha thats funny about the taekwondo training! I feel like people must be thinking Im a fraud or something when i sometimes decide to fold my stick away and walk! But i dont care!

Thank you! xx

Thank you for sharing ! I’m sorry you’ve been through so much.But Life’s more interesting when you have challenges to overcome x

Thank you Boudica!! Your support means a lot! Sorry for replying late was busy with a dinner party!

Thank you! You are absolutely right about doing as much as possible! About the hip pain,That was on of the key reasons I chose to use stick. Because walking funny ( avoiding putting weight on my left leg ) made my right leg overworked and my posture gave me right hip pain aswell. The stick alleviates all of that! Its amazing what a stick can do!

Thank you , thank you! Storieslike this make me happy!

I agree the difference is incredible and once you have used a stick, and it helps so much its like punishing yourself when you aren’t! xx

Haha! Yes i did discover its alternative uses too!! You can also reach stuff , its like having an extra long arm! And I prodded my sister when she was being rude haha!

It has its perks!! I would worry about if suddenly my leg felt better and i decided to walk normally everyone would bbe grumbling!

I like reading long posts! Thank you! Yes It is difficult paying!! especially since my son ripped to loop thing off! Once it was gone I realised what it was for! Haha!

I’m sorry you gave to use a wheelchair but Im glad you are used to it now. It does take alot of swallowing your pride to get started the first time but once you are used to it, everything is back to normal! !

Thank you so much for sharing!