Walking stick - when is the right time to start using one?


I’m having a real dilemma at the moment and it is going to sound daft I know, but I’m suffering increasing difficulty in walking. I was dx in 2003 and am not yet on DMD (waiting). I have a muscle weakness affecting my left leg with reduced muscle tone. I’ve seen physio, MS Nurse (who unfortunately is only part time and has a massive caseload so seen her only once since August 13). I’ve had relapses where I’ve had a numbness in my left leg. In November I suffered an increase in the chronic back pain I’d been experiencing for nearly 2 years and been to the GP about countless times but that my Neurologist was aware of. I finally, after 3 weeks of not being able to so much as pick up a tea cup without it causing me pain, got my GP to refer me for X-ray which showed up clearly that my back muscles were in an almost constant state of spasm, which at times reaches round to my front. it also showed that I have got at least 3 vertebrae in my lower back which have seriously degenerated and had a leak (rupture) on one disc which has now solidified. The vertebrae are damaged and have grown additional bone to try and repair themselves which is causing a constant popping/cracking in my back. I’m now in the wierd place where it’s partly down to MS and partly the physical changes to my spine that are causing the most difficulties. I’m no longer able to climb stairs (about 8 steps and I’m done), I trip, I stumble and I have nerve pain that is like being given an electric shock. I have a walking stick - I feel ok using it at home but I just want to know how to bring it out into the open so to speak. I’m 39 years old and I just feel like I’m going to have to constantly explain myself. My husband says to use it and ignore people’s stares and comments but I wanted to see how anyone else coped with this? I know it’s silly but I’m just lacking the confidence to be able to finally give in… any help? And how do I know if I’ve got the thing at the right height?

Thanks :slight_smile: