User Concerns about the New Site (Tyronerose)

Ahoy Shipmates, Since the good ship “MS user forum” was launched it seems to be we have hit our far share of icebergs and troubled waters. Perhaps a smaller scale launch among a few members should have been done so that some of these could have been dealt with prior to general release. For the past few months we have been awaiting the launch with excitement and while the new format does some advantages these seem in a lot of ways overshadowed by the many flaws. Many of us have expressed our concerns and opinions on here through various threads over the past few days. And am also aware that some people have also connected the media team directly over recent days and are awaiting reply after the bank holiday weekend with hopefully some answers. So my proposal is this, I think it would be a good idea if we have a thread with gathers all these concerns together. Perhaps the most simple way to do so is by posting in bullet points, with short explanation where necessary of our concerns. By using the quote option this list can be added to so hopefully by the end of the thread we have a simple comprehensive post of what the users feel about the new site. And avoid repetition I think we all agree that the web team, volunteers & moderators do a great job. However this site is for our use, the MSers so it is only right that we have an input into how it is designed, maintained and updated for ease of use. Roisin So lets get started. Things we would like to see changed/fixed on the site to make it easier to use and a great all inclusive forum 1. The background colour should be changed to something more muted, as the stark white background is harsh to view causing visibility issues. It also makes the forum look cold, clinical and unwelcoming.