Use of Morphine Pain Patches

Wonder does anyone have any experience of using morphine-type patches for relief of MS related pain. I spoke with someone recently with Fibromyalgia and they were on medium dose morphine pain patches which they found to be invaluable for pain relief.

Currently I am plaqued most days with lower back pain and pins and needles from knees in both legs right down into my feet. I am also taking Gabapentin, almost 800mgs daily, but finding I am having desperate side effects with my digestive system. Also am on Tecfidera and not sure if there could be potential drug interactions.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi, I take Buprenorphine which is an opiate that dissolves under my tongue. It was years before my PPMS diagnosis but thought I’d nerve pain like sciatica in my right leg (hip to ankle). On diagnosis of PPMS the MS Nurse told me Buprenorphine wasn’t suitable for Neuro pain. She put me on Amitriptyline, then Gabapentin and then Pregabalin. None were as effective as Buprenorphine but the latter two gave weight gain of at least 3 stone. I changed hospital Neuro & MS Nurse. The new staff agreed to stop the Neuropathic pain relief of Pregabalin & I returned to Buprenorphine. After losing three and a half stone and relatively pain controlled, I met a fellow MS patient who received Buprenorphine patches. He swore by the pain relief being the most effective.

I also have lower back pain which is either ME or an old injury It’s a different type of pain, more muscular than nerve pain. I take anti inflammatory tablets Naproxen or use Volterol gel.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Chrissie next time I speak with MS nurse going to ask can I give patches a go. Bracknagh