Us and them


We are all ordinary people wanting the ordinary with a bit of extraordinary thrown in.

This is not related much to the nuts and bolts of MS, just the light-hearted views of one affected.

Steve (Other mocking style opinions are also available.)

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Keep up the good work Steve. After reading your blog, it brought home just how annoyed I have become at this current situation. We don’t work anymore, therefore we are judged. Be grateful, for what? Torment just makes us do irrational things.

Some tit said I should invite the homeless to sleep in my bed & feed them. They wouldn’t, yet I should & be grateful.

Having all this free time to think & dwell doesn’t help.

I want to watch how to train your dragon at the cinema, but nobody will go with me. Apparently it’s too childish & I should grow up & instead of buying music equipment, I should fund their teenage girlfriend. When they are old enough to be a grand parent. It’s a very sick world. I detest MS & what it’s doing to me. I’m forced to witness such crap.

Take it easy out there Steve.

Terry has put the kettle on.

I’m sure most of us would love to still be working. I had a responsible job that I loved until it became physically impossible. As a single parent people would often ask me why I bothered to work as looking for childcare was a nightmare and over the summer holidays my entire wage packet only just covered the child minder’s bill, but I had pride and wanted to pass that on to my daughter. Then MS hit and I lost my job and almost lost my house. Every time I claim benefits or admit I’m living on them I feel embarrassed, made worse when I’m made to feel like a begger by the benefits people who ask the most personal questions. I’ve just had to renew my ESA claim and my daughter took it away and completed it as I wasn’t up to it and she reckons I don’t tell them everything. She hasn’t lied but I sound ready for the scrap heap. Bye bye dignity!! I may be on benefits but I don’t live in a pigsty and only eat takeaways. I hate these programmes that only show the idle scum on benefits, that give us a bad name. They’re the reason the rest of society look down on us, do you agree? Another good post Steve. Cath