It’s a well-discussed topic but one I keep going back to.

I am a keen observer of life and the people who share my world.

It’s been a tough few days but now I’d rather focus on the normal.


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Totally get you, Steve. I was totally disarmed by a helper a few weeks ago - he was our bus driver, who merrily jumped off the bus to lower the ramp for me, told hubby to get me parked as he took my pass from my hand, he returned in 30 seconds with my pass and hubby’s ticket. I touched his arm when I thanked him as he saw us off the bus, a true gent! I’ve only had four little trips on the bus so far and I’m still a wee bit nervy about it, as my vision is so poor when there’s a lot of movement. It was lovely to discover such a cheery well wishing helper - I wish we had more of them to share round, the lip reading bit is no fun for anyone

Sonia x

I use to think it was only me that got treated this way, but my charity work tells me different. I have family members who rather than treat me the same make up stories that i am being awkward dah you couldnt make it up hee hee