Urology Appointment

Hi lovely people

had an appointment with the urology clinic because I’m having a big problem controlling my bladder basically I don’t get any warning that I need the toilet, but when I’ve got to go I’ve got to go! So at the appointment when my bladder was scanned there was urine in there and I tried to pass it but felt nothing!

So I’m going onto new meds to help with the control and if they don’t work then we briefly discussed botox and self catheterising.

I didn’t think about it at the time but it seems strange to have no control over my bladder yet am retaining urine. Does anyone else have this problem?

Cheers Freckles

Hi Freckles,

It is a fairly common problem unfortunately. No warning then sudden urgency coupled with urine retention. You’ll have to watch out for additional retention with whichever drugs you’re given. The biggest problem with retention is UTIs so you should try everything you can to empty properly (and drink lots of water). Some people swear by products like D-Mannose, cranberry tablets or juice to help with avoiding UTIs.

There are various techniques for emptying your bladder from massaging your abdomen to changing the position you sit on the loo (a good one if it can be done is to raise your feet so the angle is better). I used to find that blowing my nose would often cause a bit more wee to come out. There’s also a battery operated devise, sorry I’ve forgotten what it’s called, that is supposed to cause a bit of vibration to stimulate the bladder (it didn’t work for me but it was a simple cheap devise so if you can find it, it’s worth a go).

However, if all else fails, intermittent self catheterisation isn’t difficult and you may find that ultimately that’s what you have to do. There are lots of us on here who do it every day and will try to help as best they can. Also, of course speak to your continence nurse if you have one.



i had similar problem but my bladder went into spasm and wasnt emptying and an urgent trip to A&E was necessary :frowning:

Continence nurses were amazing and the drug they suggested for me was Micrabegron. it is a fairly new drug to the market but it worked for me . I dont take it anymore as no need.

i do self cath. took a while to get the hand of it but all ok now. does make you feel better about going out knowing you are not going to need a loo for a few hours.


Hi thanks for the replies I saw my continence nurse in the clinic I don’t know the name of the meds she wants me to start but there will be two types of tablets eventually but she told me to start with taking just one first.

I’ve had three uti’s in the last month which must be because of the retention. It’s been quite difficult I’ve been drinking loads of water to try and flush out my system, but then get no warning and have to rush to the toilet. The worst thing is when I sleep I’m unaware that I need to pee and subsequently have wet the bed a lot it’s mortifying. I need to buy a new mattress but need to wait until I get the problem under control!

My doctor should get a letter from the urology clinic within the next week or so asking for me to go on the new meds and I’m to go back and see my continence nurse at the beginning of December, she is also arranging for me to get continence pads so at least I won’t have to pay for them!

Oh the joys of this unpredictable condition!

Freckles xxx

Hi Freckles.

so glad you have discussed all with the continence nurse. you could get some of those bed pads washable ones or disposable which will save your mattress . Disposable Kylie sheets can be bought for different quantity of leakage (we used these for my mum) not sure about washable ones. Amazon were a good price.


Hi Casey

thanks I didn’t know there were so many things available, but then that’s probably because I’ve never needed to know before now!

That’s why I like this forum because there is always someone who will have the answer to any question I have! This ms certainly keeps me on my toes (not literally I’d fall over!)


Hi, like you, I had both urgency and severe retention.

I had a supra pubic catheter fitted 2 years ago and it works well…most of the time.

I went through a period of suffering with by-pass…where wee came out the normal way, following spasms.

I was taken in hospital for an exploratory camera procedure and nothing was found.

But my meds were changed from oxybutynin to betmiga, with tolterodine as an extra tablet, when feeling as if I need something extra. I take them maybe once or twice a week.

Betmiga cause me no side effects at all, unlike the oxy, which caused horrible dry mouth and sore throat.

luv Pollx

i have been self catheterising for a year or so.

good results but this last month has been horrendous.

a UTI and was given anti-biotics which i took but straight away felt that UTI was still here.

dropped another sample at the GPs surgery and will phone the continence nurse too.

i’m going through tena pads like a mad thing.

it’s the time between knowing that i need to pee and actually peeing that is getting shorter and shorter.

if i’m not shopping for tena lady, i’m washing my soaked clothes!

it’s good to have all these experts who i can ring up.

carole xx

Hi ladies

I’m on yet another lot of antibiotics for a uti! The continance did mention the possibility of being on a permanent low dose.

I used to be on oxybutynin Poll and the dry mouth was awful, it used to wake me up at night! I’m on solifenac (don’t know how to spell it).

It’s really not good at the moment I can’t work because I get no warning for when I need the toilet. I’m making the most of the time by doing a lot of Christmas shopping on line so every cloud

Freckles xxx