Urine scald

Sorry to hear that you’re suffering. I just wanted to say that we swore by Metanium for nappy rash when the kids were little and always give new parents a tube of it, been a lifesaver at times! I hope you feel better very soon.

Best wishes

Becky x

Hi Bob, You seem to have everything that you can have under control as regards appointments in the NHS. Good luck with them. Your answers for the kids are plausible so that seems ok. The only thing you cannot sort out or control for is the risk of a flood during a lesson, only you know how likely this is, or indeed if it is actually inevitable. You could “test drive” some new pads over the summer if you sourced them online. Then request similar from the continence service, when you finally manage to get an appointment? I would like to be able come up with a solution the offers you a guarantee that you won’t have a visible accident at school. I don’t think that guarantee exists. All you can do is take comfort if the worst case scenario happens that you have done everything possible to avoid it. It might happen despite all your efforts, it is part being disabled, sometimes your body just lets you down, nothing you can do. Best wishes.

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Ahh thanks Tracey, Becky for the tip on Metanium, no more maddening urge to scratch the crotch rot from hell, nether regions back to normal