Upright MRI scan

I’ve been for an MRI today and despite managing alright last time, I totally panicked and we had to call it a day having only done the lumbar feet first. Having put a lot of weight on since the last time (2005), I felt like I was going to get stuck, couldn’t breathe etc. I’ve got to try again and I don’t think sedation will help me. I’ve just been reading about upright and open scanning and I wondered if anyone knows where they have one of these machines in the south east, preferably outside London (I’m near Guildford). Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

Hello, I understand how you feel. When I was due to go for my first MRI scan I was worried about feeling closed in. So I did a web search and noticed there is an upright MRI scanner in London. There is also an open scanner in Croydon which my mum was going to make an enquiry about. In the end time ran out to make other arrangements and I had the tunnel scan. I don’t know about the upright scanners but from what I read a while back the open scanners may not give as clear scans compared to tunnel MRI scanners. But they are still good though.

The upright scanner in London looks like it might be good. Is your neurologist able to advise you?

I am ok with having an MRI done now, I try and think of a time in my life when I was happy and make a storey out of it. Quite a few years ago I visited a country house which was a place I learnt yoga over a weekend and it was very relaxing. So I picture in my mind the rooms, what I did, the people and surrounding gardens. I also do a breathing technique which helps me relax and focus on something.

How distressing for you. But those kind of reactions sound like EXACTLY the kind of thing that sedation would help with - that’s what it’s for - so I wonder what has convinced you that it wouldn’t help you? I hope that you find a way through without too much more stress. Alison