Saw a different doc to get results of blood,all ok except vit D low which has been like that on other occasions,explained why I was having blood tests,as I have been there with tingling in face,arm and leg,neuralgia in face,ringing in ears which is still there,told him of previous symptoms of painful arms,shoulders and numb toes,two bouts of really painful ribs and one bout of not putting chin to chest without having pins and needles in spine. He just didn’t seem bothered and said he would send me for X-ray of neck then decided to swop that for MRI of neck,feel as though he was doing it just to get rid of me not to help me,I was in there literally a few minutes,think I will time my next appointment and say I’m suppose to have 10 mins so you have to listen!

is a neck mri sufficient for the symptoms I told him? Thanks