update re copaxone

hi everyone, I put a post up last week re my copaxone and how I’ve not delivery of my copaxone, I phoned the number to inquire where it is only for them to say I’m not even on their system so no prescription had been send so I phoned ms nurse and left a message about how they dont even have me on their system. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: turns out I phoned the wrong number :oops: :oops: :oops: anyway she phoned me this morning to ask what was wrong so I told no prescription so she phoned somewhere, then phoned me back she found out PCT has not made a decision about it being funded, gggggrrrr I feel like they need to get their finger out, I hope I’ve not got a battle on my hands to get it funded I just dont have the energy for a fight. Al x

Oh what a botheration! The PCT do indeed need to get their fingers out (I dread to think where they store them) hopefully they will pause to wash them before authorisng your meds! It is rediculouse - copaxone is a well know useful drug, why do they even have to think about giving it - if we are on DMD we more than save the PCTs the cost of treating us when we are NOT! :twisted: Hope they sort it out soon! Clarexxx

That’s ridiculous! Hope they sort it out soon! x

Surely you shouldnt be battling for something for which your entitled. Doesnt make sense to me. We have quite enough on our plates without all this. The nhs should honour its commitment in giving you the treatment youve been precribed, if not why not!!! grrrrr for you and with you. :evil:

thank you everyone for your kind words, its only people with ms understand what difficulties we have with our daily existence. yes its a bl**y nuisance all this going on with PCT they didn’t stop me in 1993 being misdiagnosed and discharged after 6 months until I got my ms dx in 2006, it must be with this middering I’ve got a stonking headache I feel as sick as a dog, Al x