Update - Haven't been here for a few months

Just back with an update - My MRI came back “reassuringly normal” some months ago but I will need to go back to my neurologist. Also my 3 year old son has just been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (Waiting to see a paediatric neurologist to find out whether it is duchennes or beckers) so I’m going to have genetic testing to see whether I passed him the gene. I suspect that if I am a carrier then I will have tests done to see if I’m a manifesting carrier. It wouldn’t explain all of my symptoms like the positive babinski but could explain why my muscles are so stiff and why I have difficulty walking and feeling generally weak. I was suppose to get back to my neurologist months back but because of the issues with my son being unwell and also due to severely abnormal cells showing up on a cervical screening test (being removed and tested soon) my neurological issues have been put on hold.

I’m hoping that I’ll be referred for some physiotheraphy before long and that after 3 years of going back and forth I’ll get some answers soon :slight_smile: