Unsure symptoms

I have had a headache for over 11 weeks, dizziness and feelings of falling down the stairs for over 2weeks. Also I get strange uncomfortable feelings in my back. Can someone help? Are these possible symptoms pointing towards MS? Thank you

They are not symptoms that I have had but I am not an expert. If you are not feeling well you really need to see your Gp and if you believe it to be neurological, ask for a referral to a neurologist. None of us here will be able to tell from your symptoms what you are suffering from I’m afraid.

I would second pudding here! If you’re not feeling well, then definitely make an appointment to see your doctor.

If you have been feeling unwell for 12 weeks, then I’d say that regardless of what is causing your symptoms, you’ve definitely given it a good chance to pass on its own, and it hasn’t - so therefore it may well be it might be wise to speak to your gp?

Your symptoms could be part of MS - but they could be caused by other things, such as a virus, or infection, vitamin defficiency, etc. There are many conditions that could cause headaches, vertigo and uncomfortable sensations in your back. So try not to jump to conclusions / worst-case scenarios at this stage, but definitely go and see your GP to get things checked out.

I would also say see your GP, I didn’t have any of those probs

Sonia x

I have been diagnosed, and had problems with headaches/migraine for the last couple of years. That’s not to say you have MS.

You should see your gp…having persistent headaches for 11 weeks is not normal and needs checking out.

It could be caused by any number of things so try not to worry too much, which I know is easier said than done.

All the best to you