Unsure - might or minght not be?


Just joined - I have been having weirdness for 3 years, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago…but nothing else was investigated. Just tender point test, a bit of medical history and that was it…BUT and been shouting at the brick wall ever since…I dont fit the box

I have pain and fatigie yes…

the other bits are getting werider and im far far more poorly than i was 3 years ago.

I get numbness, pins and needles and tingling in all limbs but my right side is far worse than my left. I get burning type muscle spasms very short, and little ripples in my arms and legs.

have cognative issues - foggy and forget words

and my balance is often dreadful - get wobbly, often put down to fatugue.

The new weirdness that certainly doesnt fit fibro and made me think could it be :frowning: Is my right eye, it started as a muscle twitch, then a pressure behind me eye…i kept rubbing it like i was trying to clear it being blurry. in the last week its got a whole heap worse. 5 times now my vision hasnt suddely gone a bit odd and cant focus followed by lines in front of my eye. Yesterday had that and then my right eye lost vision - went all dark. more and more its a bit blurry…but this scared the crap out of me. Went to hosp after seeing my GP - the opthamologist saw me as an emergency…will have me back in next week.

we discussed a little and she did a colour blindess test…i managed it but was a real struggle to distringuish - but i could just do it.

I dont know - half my family are telling me to just accept it and stop chasing, and think its all in ym head anyway…

I was thinking if i timelined it all and wrote down the symptoms and put aside the fibro diasnosis and push to be filly investigated…im trying very hard to be sensible but this new weirdness has got me spooked

Thanks for any help



Hi, sounds like you need to be referred back to a neuro…if your doc will.

things have moved on…3 yrs is a long time.

Ask for new referral, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll,

yes tis my plan, see what eye doc says…still finding a GP I click with as ive recently moved. But onwards and upwards as they say…Even If i can get a doc to listen and do a meds review id be bloomin happy

:slight_smile: Beth