Unsure if symptoms are related


I have a diagnosis of Clinically isolated syndrome and have some symptoms recently which I feel may be another piece to the puzzle but would like some opinions. I know all symptoms are different for each individual but hoping for some information from someone who may have had similar?

So on Thursday one got started going numb the numbness travelled upto my shin and made my leg very heavy and made me very unbalanced. I have been twice as exhausted as normal which i thought I was usually tirked but this was another level!

now 6 days on and thankfully most of the numbness has gone but I have been left with 3numb toes which are super painful even to have socks touching them

The odd part which I’m unsure is related is I have been getting intermittent weak arms 1 worse than the other and not all the time maybe 85%. It seems that I have lost the power and strength to hold objects but can initially pick them up most of the time.

I also have to think about using my fingers on my worst hand. Almost like the connection is slow.

Lastly I have been getting fizzy lips but again only on my worst side.

So could they all be related or are symptoms either there or not. Can they be slightly intermittent?

I’m looking forward to hearing some wisdom :slight_smile:


hi syd

it is difficult to say what typical symptoms of ms are.

that’s why it takes so long to get diagnosed.

the neuro puts all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together to build a picture of what is going on.

see your gp and tell what symptoms you have.

he or she should be aware of your CIS diagnosis so ask if your new symptoms can be added to your notes.

if you have been given contact details for an ms nurse, then ring them and tell them what’s been happening.

otherwise phone the neuro who gave you your diagnosis.

if it’s any help, my first symptoms were tingling feet, which i still have (10 years on).

my pet piece of advice is to avoid stress, you may have noticed that symptoms always get worse if you are stressed.

carole x

Hi Carol, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have already informed my GP but unfortunately do not have a nurse. I was more wondering if symptoms can be intermittent so losing strength in my arm say 85% of the time or is it alway Black and white as in your arm works or doesn’t. I hope o have made it clearer it’s tricky to explain. Syd x

Hi Syd

Have a look at It defines what is a relapse as something new or repeated after more than a month has gone by since you last had that symptom.

The only problem with this is that some symptoms of a relapse are not always present 100% of the time. For example, l’hermites sign (where there is an electric shock type effect through the body everytime the neck moves a certain way - typically when moving the head forwards) isn’t there all the time. And spasms can just drive you loopy for a couple of hours, then go.

But generally symptoms remain for the whole of the time you have the relapse, so optic neuritis, numbness, pins and needles, or other neuropathic pain issues are usually there for the duration. Just keep in mind that MS can and does, do exactly what it likes, when it wants. It is not obedient to rules or guidelines!

It seems to me that you should see a doctor, preferably a neurologist, so you could start with an MS nurse if you have one. Or if you’ve not been officially discharged by the neurologist, then phone their secretary and ask if you can have an appointment. Or of course, see your GP if neither of these two options is open to you.