unexplained burning

Hi everyone,

Has anyone expereinced a red hot burning feeling when heat is applied near the skin. After my hair has been washed and dried i sometimes have it straightened with hair straightners. For a while now the heat of the straigtners on my hair causes a red hot burning feeling to my neck and shoulders. Its not just hot but painfully so…iv used the strightners many times and until recent times this never happened.

Any thoughts please



hi christine

ms and probably other neurological conditions can cause fake feelings of hot and cold.

i have a dx of ms and think of it as faulty wiring which as we know sometimes catches fire!

spontaneous human combustion might be real and could be happening to me any day now!!!

tell your doctor so that it gets on your medical records.

carole x

Thanks Carole,

I will talk to gp about it and all my other odd symtoms. Sometimes i cant make sense of them all. I had to drive on thursday, quite a distance for me and yesterday was unable to move. Burning pain in neck and shoulders and feel terrible today.

Im not sure where my symptoms lay, but by putting them on here they get heard.

Im grateful for all the responses i get.