undiagnosed but brain mri shows lesions in limbo...

Hi I’m a 43 yr old female and have had problems with wobbly vision for 2 yrs on and off, first I was told it was due to ess infection then vertigo than menieres but treatments to stop the imbalance wouldn’t work so an ent ordered an mri which showed possibility of demyelination which needs neurologist. So I am waiting and in 2 weeks I will see someone however my vision and balance is just part of the problem, I am now also experiencing burning sensation in my back and face although it is not overly painful it is very annoying and my neck is very stiff and painful and grates and clicks.my neck had been like this for months now and the burning sensation lasted over 5 weeks the last time I had it. After sitting I can hardly walk as I become’’ locked up" like an old lady in my feet, knees and lower back. My sister was diagnosed with ms 15 years ago she is a year younger than me. I am also extremely fatigued and for the past 10 years have had some severe bouts of depression which I could never understand as really my life was good so could not understand why I felt the way I did, my family said I suffered from sad!!! I am just hoping that soon I will have answers as to why I feel like I do and is the possibility of sisters having the same disease? It scares me as I am a carer by profession and have seen how it affects people. However I am starting to feel totally written out myself as even the smallest of tasks like washing dishes is becoming so tiresome…

As a carer, you do not see those very many people who live with MS but manage under their own steam more or less. You see the people whose resources are finally at a low ebb, maybe after many, many years of having lived a full and satisfying life despite MS. The sample you have seen in your working life is not necessarily a representative one, I think.

I am sorry you are in limbo - not a good place to be. I hope that you get some clarity soon about what is the matter.


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Thank you Alison, I am sure you are right I am just worried as my sister seemed to go down hill very quickly. She was the life and sole of any party and now she very rarely leaves her home and needs support in all aspects of her personal care. I live alone, it’s been a long hard fight to get this far, I guess the fatigue is just fogging my mind and making me over think. I am trying to not stress but I’m just so tired of all I have felt, just need to get through to my appointment I suppose and think positive :slight_smile: I won’t deny tho it is hard.

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