Undergoing Tests - mortgage insurance questions.....

Hello I am new to this site. I am currently awaiting results of an MRI/nerve conduction tests and luckily, the neurologist I have seen thinks it is extremely UNLIKELYthat I have MS. As I am lucky enough to have private health insurance through my work he advised to get some tests done anyway to put my mind at rest. ( I’l put my symptoms at the end…) I have been heartened by being on this forum and realising that MS is not neccesarily and end to normal life even if the worst happened and I ended up with a diagnosis.

However I am just about to move house and have arranged a mortgage and as part of this we need to have mortgage insurance/life cover and of course one of the standard questions is about whether there has been any numbness/tingling or dizziness. I know that one is obliged to be completely honest as they can check out the details anyway but does anyone know what effect it might have on whether they will cover or not, regardless of what the diagnosis is. I already have life insurance and critical illness cover.

When I first had my symptoms I hopped on to the internet and within minutes found myself reading about MS, however I have realised that there are loads of other conditions that can mimic it and that a diagnosis can be difficult so after jumping to all sorts of conclusions I then relaxed a bit ( also reassured by what I read on this forum)

My symptoms were that 3 months ago I suddenly could not stand/dizzy which only lasted a few minutes. The next day I could not feel my left arm or hand for 2 hours. then over the next few weeks I had tingly left leg, occasionally tingly hands, some burning sensations in my fingers/toes, these seemed to get a bit better and then over the last month I have been waking up in the night with numb hands on both sides and occasionally a numb bottom and leg, which usually resolve fairly quickly if I wiggle them around. there have been other odd things like muscle twitches, crawling sensation on my scalp etc but of course I begin to wonder if I am just hypersensitive to all these things! The thing that prompted me to go back to my doctor for the 3rd visit was a feeling of a very heavy and tired left arm as if I had been carrying something very heavy.

A bit rambly - sorry…

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I haven’t a clue about the mortgage application. I would have thought the fact that you already have critical health cover would mitigate any issue (assuming it will cover at least a good chunk of the mortgage), but they may not see it that way.

Hopefully someone else will know, but I suspect the only way you’re going to find out is to ask the lender directly.

Fwiw, I don’t think your symptoms sound very MS-like because there are so many areas of your body involved, but I would still want to know what is going on if I were you so make the most of that private medical cover!

Good luck with it all.

Karen x

Definitely do not cancel your existing cover to replace with a new one! Check your existing policy to see if it has a life event clause - you can sometimes increase cover with no medical details of you move/get married/have a baby. Any new cover will be hard to get without a diagnosis - they will most likely delay a decision or have exclusions until you have all your results in. Hope that helps!

If the current policy you have is life insurance then check if the sums insured are enough for the new mortgage. If they are, there’s no problem, you won’t need a new policy. If not, then check to see if you have “conversion” on your existing policy. This is where you pay slightly more but you can adjust the policy (sums insured) with no problems even if you’ve been diagnosed with something that would usually be an issue.

If none of this is the case and you have to take out another policy, then I’d advise you keep the existing policy and take out a new policy JUST for the additional amount. So lets say your policy covers you for £100,000 pounds but the mortgage is £150,000. Then you just need a new policy for the shortfall of £50,000.

I’d suggest going to a broker. You’ll have to declare the investigations you’re undergoing. Some insurers will refuse cover, some will insist on a medical and from there, they might either load the policy (charge extra) or exclude any neurological conditions. But a broker can do the leg work seeing which ones would be open to taking you on.

Thank you all very much for your replies. They have been very helpful and in the grand scheme of things I know that you have more important questions to answer. I hope that I did not come across in any way at all flippant about MS - having had a close relative suffer with severe MS and a work colleague similar I know that it is a serious problem, and I shall be very grateful if my symptoms can be explained by another cause. I know that my relative many years ago got a lot of support from the MS society ( although before the time of onlne forums I think…) and I think your forums are amazing and I shall continue to support the charity where I can.