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Ok, so about a year ago i started to get permanant pins & needles in my left hand, i didnt think much of it. About 3 months after it started i then started to loose my grip & couldnt feel anything. Then my coordination went. I had no strenght in that arm. When i looked in the mirror my whole body was lopsided, left shoulder compleatly dropped. To add to that i got double vision, & blured vision. My feet had some numbness on and off. This all lasted 2-3 months. Even when it stopped, i still have the pins & needles, that never went away. 3 weeks ago things started to get worse. Im loosing grip in my hand again. With slight dizzyness. My right hand has started to get the pins and needles now. My fear is that in the next few weeks my coorditation is going to go again. To add to my symptoms im allways tierd, the longer i stand the dizzier i get, im ok when sitting down. If im walking i fall easy & allways end up walking into those im walking with. When im in the shower i temd to sway quite abit, thankfully we have a rail in the shower. Im going to start keeping a diary of what happens ri me as its probably best idea. Im seeing a nuerologist, my last mri scan my spine had white blotches all down it, im due another in november i believe. I just want to know if this is what others got. Its hard to talk to family about it as they dont seem to understand. Oh one more question. When i bend my head down my whole body kinda vibrates, its hard to explain, but that happened when i first got the worst of my symptoms, now been doing it a coulple weeks, anyone else had this?

Hi ssamm and welcome,

The bending could be Lhermitte’s sign, you can read more here:

The rest of your symptoms are common in MS, but that’s not to say you definatley have it. Did your neurologist discuss what they thought the ‘white blotches’ were? Keeping a diary of symptoms is a good idea, can help you make a bit more sense of what’s going on.

It can be hard trying to explain symptoms to family and friends, this forum is a great place to talk about things and there are lots of friendly people who can relate to what you are going through. I hope things improve for you soon.