Unable to walk straight


I’m having problems with balance when trying to walk straight. The sensation is odd like I’m bouncing or on a rough sea.

I’m not sure if my legs can’t keep up with my brain or the other way around.

I have ppms and this was one of my first symptoms but is getting worse.

I’m being referred for physio. Has this helped anyone with these symptoms.

Thanks Christine

Hi Christine

my worst symptom when first diagnosed PPMS was balance and I walked as though I was drunk. Over time it has improved although I now use a Rollator to save any embarrasment. Funny thing now is I walk quicker and overtake able bodied people. My balance has improved 90% so things can change for the better. I still can`t get my head round MS.

I’ve not walked straight for years I’ve even been told to “take more water with it” for me “bouncing off the walls” has a different meaning.

When i saw a neuro physio they taught me some pilates exercises that made my core stronger and helped with my balance too.

Thanks for your replies.

This condition really does puzzle me.