UK Population oblivious to being Sprayed with Zinc Cadmium Sulphide and bacterial agents MOD leaked reports.

I debated whether to bring this subject to light. But given the rise of neurological disorders and the sheer number of people who remain disabled and without diagnosis (myself included) - I thought I would share the following link.

Please don’t take my word for it - so to speak. But do your own research into this subject.

Given the growing hatred towards the sick and disabled and the increasingly zealous government attempts to label everyone as fraudsters. I would like to do the right thing and show just how much - Westminster and her political actors really do care about us. And who are the true fraudsters and criminals trying to label innocent people as such. The victims of inequality and the growing numbers of young people turning to surpisingly available quantities of heroine.

Given the way that the very livelihoods of people have been sold off to the bankers and wall street and that millions of people have NO option but to rely on benefits in order to survive. We MUST begin to ask - who WILL gain by criminalizing those on benefits? Who will gain by making benefit claimants into a class that is hated and despised?

So here it is. The TRUTH. Some may hate it. And as someone once said. Don’t tell people the truth - they’ll kill you.

So; to all those who label millions of people as scroungers and who believe government and media lies. I would like to share something you may not have heard for a while. The TRUTH!

That Westminster and government agencies DELIBERATELY sprayed enormous areas of the UK population with dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals and bacterial agents. Beginning in the 1950s and have continued to this present day!!! Zinc Cadmium Sulfide. Barium. Bacterial and manufactured cultures of deadly origin. To name but a few.

So why are so many people sick and disabled? Why are cancer levels steadily increasing? Why has the health of the population declined despite the increase in longevity? Why are so many people on psychotrophic drugs?

Ian Duncan Smith was a military man. So doubtless he’ll know about what the MOD once did to its own people. He was hired because he DOES KNOW. He is the perfect “MAN FOR THE JOB”. To fascistlically debase and humiliate the very victims what they have doneie. those reliant on benefits.

So benefit scroungers. And I am one. !!! You’re no different to me. The hated and despised. That’s what they’ve made you but did you honestly never believe they weren’t capable of actually making you SICK?

Well here are the documents from the MOD’s own leaked files:

But that still won’t be enough for you will it? You’ll still believe the Daily Mail and Ian Duncan Smith. The BBC and all its convenvient half truths. And turn on those they have used and scorned and denied a decent and honorable future.

What will it take for you to wake up. To not turn on your fellow human beings who are innocent and have been used and placed into an increasingly punitive and humiliating array of trials before receiving their “benefits”. For Goodness sake - stop being like them. Stop turning on those they have created !!! Stop hurting the very people who had no choice whilst they were made ill from the chemicals they sprayed upon millions !!!

What will it take to wake up your humanity? But Ian Duncan Smith and all those so like him in all the parties involved - dress so nicely don’t they? Such distinguished gentlemen. Not at all like the slovenly and hooded who wait outside jobcentre plus. But who are the real criminals? Maybe you’ll find courage enough to ask yourself.?

robert kelly.

Hello Robert Kelly,

This is an interesting thought but because of the power of the arguement and what it can mean, I hope that this turns out to be wrong.


Interesting stuff indeed - but why try to blame it all onto the Tories?
Some of the trials mentioned took place under the Premiership of Harold Wilson.
And, a quick read of some of the material does suggest that the population at large did not suffer from the trials (unlike the Porton Down trials that were disguised a “Common Cold Research”).

Next question is: Why now? Thats as in “Why bring it up now?”

The trials described took place around 40-50 years ago, and the reports were allegedly de-classified over 20 years ago. At a quick look, this could have taken place at the time when the Government of Tony Blair was selling off the Defence Evaluation and Research Establishment to multinational big business for peanuts (arguably a bigger crime), and part of the material indicates that the Blair government was willing to conduct similar trials.

So, enough of the Shock! Horror! What does this have to do with MS?



I just wanted to share a video made by a young man in England. He has scientific data backing up how soil is being changed by the particulates.

I know a lot of you like to eat organics. Maybe you don’t need to anymore.

I hope you find that of interest Geoff. And I’m well aware the whole thing is rotten to the core. Including the tories!

I reject all political agendas and “manifestos”. They’re all liars.



Oh great. I’m sure you’ve put all our minds at rest. Problem solved.

Oh - wait. Sadly - there’s scientific data showing that aerosol spraying is not only still occurring. But is accelerating.

Are you seriously asking me how this relates to MS? How would it NOT relate to MS? Children being sprayed by modified vans as they left school with barium and cadmium sulfide. Do you know something Geoff - you’re absolutely right. It was probably a health tonic that did them no harm at all.

And why bother tell the population about it? No need. Unless you were monitoring the results through certain “specialist” in the NHS to see how the Cadmium being sprayed increased the rates of cancer in relation to population. Sprayed from both the air and ground. And even (in the case of Edinburgh); by a warship moored off the firth of forth.

No health effects at all. No neurological deficits and no increases in cancer. Sadly; I have statistics and data that prove otherwise. So; your point is?


Not sure what the relevance to MS is, as already said. However if you search on Chemtrails - HAARP- Agenda 21 you will find lots of conspiracy theories about all of this, some mutually exclusive. The problem with all conspiracy theories is that even if any of them are true, and I would think some are and some are not, then they will not be admitted in our lifetime. The biggest one of all is almost certainly the 9/11 truth movement.

As you’ll probably guess from my username, I take anything posted about the MoD with a pinch of zinc cadmium sulphide. Even talking about them makes me glow!! :wink:

I was once a “sheep” when i was fit and healthy. i have close family who were in the army and now have health probs because of army “activities”. Im very patriotic person, and really hold the armed forces close to my heart (people who protect us without enough praise!). But back to the topic I know alot about this sort of thing. I worked at the olympics before i got ill, their is a lot of things in the ground at that place i shouldnot have been near. You for got to mention fluoride, another substance we are given freely. But this is not the place for that discussion, but i know how you feel when you hear theese things.

if this is the case, which i honestly have no idea either way, then why are people not lining up with court cases against the government?

I just thought that SOME neurological disorders may be linked to covert spraying. Given that we don’t know the full consequences and full implications of this behaviour.

Dear Robert,

  1. What has this got to do with MS?

  2. I can’t get the thought out of my head now, of MOD testers hiding down the drains of Edinburgh to spray me walking to school in the 1960s. It’s going to make me laugh all night.

  3. Do you have MS?

You didn’t last time you were here trying to scare us with conspiracy theories.

In life; there are times when one has to speak the truth. The first reaction from those oblivious to that reality - is scorn and derision.

But what is a life - if we know something and stay quiet? Hoping to live a pleasant and peaceful life - denying that truth?

Isn’t it better to see the nature of the beast - rather than pretend it doesn’t exist?

Don’t believe me - do your own research into Chemtrails. There are numerous documentaries. One on youtube called: “what in the world are they spraying?>” is readily available.

At least I have tried in my own small way to let people know of this heinous and disgusting crime against humanity. I KNOW it is happening. I ALWAYS knew it had happened but people didn’t believe me. I knew they had sprayed large parts of Scotland - which they did.

So go back to sleep. But at least you can’t say you haven’t been made aware of this. And to say that chemicals being sprayed on children as they left school would not effect their neurological health in later life - seems ridiculous to me. Of course it would! So it is VERY relevant in my opinion.

There are many people with undiagnosed neurological conditions. Some of whom cannot even leave their house. So I think the last comment is pretty disgusting actually.

You know nothing about me. But at least this is another clue - towards helping people looking for answers. I make no apologies for doing so. I don’t believe diagnosis is equivalent to symptomology and I don’t believe in dismissing or disparaging people who arn’t diagnosed.

I’m not scaring anyone. The truth is scary but enpowering. I know I have done the right thing - difficult as it is to hear.

People arent trying to “shoot you down” they just need more info.

Me, im thinking: there evidence of this ie. outwith the internet

2.If there is, then why arent you currently extorting the government for millions of pounds

3.Let pretend it can be 100% proven that everything you’ve said is correct and that these chemicals are directly responsible for causing increased rates of multiple sclerosis and other diseases. Then what?

This wont change the fact that i have multiple sclerosis, will it?

Does any of the aforementioned wickedness cause PARANOIA by any chance?


Hi, I genuinely enjoyed reading some of the documents and articles associated with this topic.

However, reading some of your posts I feel that it is not plausible to consider MS stems/has increased from the “testing”.

It is one of those topics that can never be fully proven so whilst discussion can be interesting, there is unlikely to be a definitive conclusion either way.

I hope you have not offended too many (not myself), I can take your fanaticism with a pinch of salt.

Still, an interseting read.

I guess you’ve worked out all the implications and complications of spraying children with barium and cadmium sulfide as well as several other agents?

You should take a treck to vietnam and see what chemical spraying has done to children there. Remember Monsanto and their lovely agent orange.? The stuff they sprayed on women and children? The chemical still causing misery and illness to this day?

Oh - that’s right. You don’t believe me - I’m a fanatic.

Go back to sleep. Why even bother typing a response.?

Robert, how exactly would the whole of Australia (I live in Australia) have been sprayed? MS and cancer are on the increase here too… but it defies imagination to think that the ADF would be spraying the population of a country as large as this! I doubt our entire defence budget would stretch THAT far

Is it not possible that MS is not actually on the rise, just that diagnosis of it is far better than it used to be so more people are being diagnosed nowadays whereas in the past people simply suffered with strange and weird and UNDIAGNOSED complaints? And the incrreased cancer rates are easily explained by the increasing age of our populations and changes in our diets and life styles. Nothing sinister and no conspiracy theory needed…



Your extremely defensive reponses to all on here only serve to lessen your argument!

What started out as an interesting post has developed into you trying anyway possible to defend your argument and then usually insult in some way.

I am glad it only weakens your argument!

Keep up your crusade, as I said earlier I did enjoy reading it, I just don’t believe.

Having been brought up in Edinburgh in those years, maybe you need to think this one out.

It’s windy.

The centre isn’t near the Firth of Forth.

Huh? Agent Orange in Scotland? Wouldn’t people have noticed that ALL their plants were dying/dead?

I see you still don’t have MS. Why do you want this diagnosis? No one should wish for MS.

Yes, I know quite a lot about you as you were a prolific poster on the old board.

Kindly meant - there’s a whole world of conspiracy theories out there. It doesn’t make them true. I’ve read a lot - from the woman who thinks her father was sprayed with Lyme’s disease in Vietnam, to the spiritual healer in the Amazon jungle who claims to cure MS with prayer.

Please go and see your GP and tell him/her about your paranoid thoughts. Yes, I know you are ill. You told us on the other board. Seriously. Go and talk to someone about this. Please.