Uh-oh, that's done it - run out of quinine!

Just gone to take my nightly quinine tablet, to find there weren’t any.

I’ve goofed! I could have sworn I had a card or two in my stash, but I must have misread “codeine sulphate” for “quinine sulphate”, as I’ve got loads of packs of the former, but seemingly none of the latter.

I really believe the quinine’s been helping, as I haven’t had a serious cramp since last time I forgot it. And I’ve been able to greatly reduce my painkillers during the day, too.

So I’m understandably nervous about being without it for probably several days, now. Obviously, I won’t be able to ring the surgery or the pharmacy 'til Monday, and then it will be at least 48 hours turnaround, so I can expect to have some maybe Wednesday, if I’m very lucky.

My doc only prescribed it on a trial basis, and wanted to see me again after my hospital appointment this month. But the hospital appointment wasn’t 'til the 24th, and has just been put back 'til the 30th.

I realise I told her it was “in July”, and it is now July, so looks like she prescribed me just enough to last up to now, but that’s it. I still haven’t completely given up hope I’ve put a pack somewhere strange or stupid, so am continuing to look, but I’m scared I have a really uncomfortable night ahead, with vicious cramps - and the next several nights.

Thank God, at least, it wasn’t the Baclofen, which can be dangerous to stop suddenly. Quinine is at least a “take as needed”, which doesn’t have to be weaned-off, so it’s not dangerous or catastrophic, but I think I’m going to be very uncomfortable.

I was just raving here last night, about how much it had helped. The panic with the realisation I’ve run out is horrible.


I know it’s not the same but could you drink tonic water as that has a high quinine level and may help?! Worth a try

Oh no. Do you have any tonic water in the house? Drink plenty (perhaps with a healthy slug of gin.lol) Hopefully it will take a while before the benefits leave your system. Hugs. Angela x

Haven’t got any in the house, I’m afraid. I stopped buying it when I got the quinine on prescription, as you are not recommended to take both.

The dose in tonic water is tiny by comparison, anyway. I think I’d need to drink a couple of gallons to get anywhere close, and then I’d be up all night anyway!

I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid. I ordered some new drugs recently, too, and I’m sure I decided quinine wasn’t on the wanted list. I must have misread the packets.