tysabri tablets

Hi all, Ive been to the nero today and talked about tysabri, infusion or tablet form is anyone on the tablets unsure which way to go. Many Thanks Heidi

I heard that the Tysabri tablets were still under trial. Very interesting though …as they should be ok if you’re JCV Positive. Spoke to my neuro about them as I would consider them if available for me when I’ve done my 2 years on Tysabri infusions. Have been told that they will be effective but not as much as the infusion. There was an article in the Lancet Neurology in January 2012. Hoping to hear more!!!

There not really Tysabri as we know it in tablet form they work along the same lines as Tysabri but not as affective there still in trails yet someone on the Tysabri group posted the same thing a couple of months ago and someone replied with a link where you could read all about it I’ll be on Tysabri 5 years now in August I thought it would be handy if I could get it in a tablet form but its not the same and being relapse free since starting Tysabri I wouldn’t risk changing plus I’d miss the gang I meet every month at hospital :smiley: