Tysabri, ocrevus or Mavenclad Advice please


My Consultant has asked me to start looking into different treatment options. She has given me 3 choices Tysabri, ocrevus or Mavenclad.

I have a very busy lifestyle with work and personal, looking at the treatment i think Ocrevus would be good for me as it is every 6months rather than montly/weekly with Tysabri. The Mavenclad i feel would not work as its a lower dose and also i may forget to take the tablet.

Has anyone here had Ocrevus ? I am concerned that it makes you tired for a few days and also it can cause you to catch more colds and flu easily. I am 33 years old and have not really had many coughs or flu’s, iv hardly visited the doctors and never had a MRI scan up until this last year where i have had 5.

By going on treatment does that mean that i will be on it for life ? Its a big shock to me when i got told i have MS and now starting treatment is starting to worry me.

I would appreciate any feedback from others

Well, I’ve been on Tysabri for 10+ years and it has been a miracle drug for me, so I am biased. It really has stopped my very active MS in its tracks. The big hitters that you have been offered can do that, and that is exactly what you want. The name of the game with RRMS is to stop the damage before it happens. I had had MS for 10 years before starting on Tysabri, taking one of the lower-efficacy starter drugs and running into a lot of trouble with permanent consequences. If I had started Tysabri from the start, I would most likely be in much better shape than I am now.

Quite honestly I’m not interested in which one you choose: I just think the sooner you get started on any of them, the better.
Good luck.

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Hi, I’m on ocrevus and it’s my first dmt. I haven’t been affected by any tiredness as yet but I’m due my first full infusion in a month so maybe as time goes on, I might feel the nagging negs more - who knows!

When I read posts on FB groups it seems there’s a lot of negativity surrounding this medication, one thing these people seem to have in common is they switched meds after many years - whether that makes a difference I don’t know.

You need to look at which dmt fits in with your life and disease so you’re impacted the least, all I can say is I wouldn’t discount Ocrevus based on the experience of others, personally I feel great!



Thank you for the replies

@alison100 I agree the more i read up on this the more i hear about the sooner treatment is started the better. I find myself lucky that within the space of a year iv been diagnosed and offered treatment. I am now eager to get started on this and move on with life

@Poz1 thank you for letting me know that you have not had any tiredness with your infusion. I agree the more i read up on this the more i see people switching to ocrevus and enjoying it more than other drugs that they have used previously

Thanks guys