Tysabri - Is it for me?

I saw my neurologist last week following two relapses last September and November. I’ve been on Copaxone since May following bad side effects on Rebif. My MS nurse arranged the appointment due to the relapses. Both of them have mentioned Tysabri albeit they have said I’m fine to stay on Copaxone to see if relapses slow down but are arranging an MRI in the meantime.

Having read comments on here re Tysabri I’m a bit confused. I have RRMS but I can still walk long distances (enjoy hill walking at weekends) and work 31 hours a week. I do have stiffness and weakness in my left side limbs and have lost some vision in my left eye and get fatigue but other than that I’m ok. I got the impression that Tysabri was more for more serious effects of MS i.e. if you need to use a wheelchair and it seems to have worked wonders for some people.

I’ve had about 5 relapses over the last 3 years but generally feel well inbetween. Is Tysabri prescribed for people who are as active as me?

I think if your RRMS is judged to be highly active and rapidly evolving, then Tysabri is potentially an option for you. It isn’t so much what MS has done to you already as what the risk is for the future with your MS behaving the way it is. In other words, if you meet the prescribing criteria, and your medical advisors recommend you go on it, you might see Tysabri as your best chance of keeping on being able to do the things you love (or that’s pretty much the way I looked at it anyway).

To my intense regret, my proper hill-walking days are over, but I’m doing my best to hang on to what I’ve still got. (I have been on Tysabri for nearly two years.)

Good luck with whatever you decide.