Tysabri Infusion Centres?

This is a bit of an odd question I know, but is there a list anywhere of all of the places in the UK where you can recieve Tysabri infusions? I ask because I currently receive tysabri, but I am a final year medical student which means that next year I could be sent to work in any hospital in the UK and have to move someplace random. And I know that most (all?) small hospitals DON’T provide tysabri & I’m worried about ending up at one of those hospitals and having my treatment disrupted.

If I could find a list of centres which do provide tysabri, I would be able to ask for special circumstances for allocations. I’m currently at a bit of a loss - googling hasn’t turned up any such list, so short of phoning all the hospitals in the UK, I’m a bit stumped. Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

I found this on this website on webpage

If you and your neurologist feel you meet the criteria for Tysabri, it should be available to you on the NHS. At the moment, however, this is not always the case. If you are having trouble accessing Tysabri contact the MS Society information team on 020 8438 0799 or for more information.

They might have a list of Tysabri infusion centres.

I think the prescribing hospital has to have round the clock access to an MRI scanner - not sure where I heard that though…

Thanks Lenney, I will get in touch with them. And it makes sense it they have to have an MRI - I just don’t know which hospitals that is!