Tysabri - Waiting for appointment date now :-D Yay!

Yay!  been waiting 3 weeks for an MRI scan so i can start Tysabri but neuro has finally decided to just go ahead anyway before I get my MRI scan as i still dont have appt... so now im just waiting for an appointmemt date :-D

Bit nervous and bit excited at same time!

Ive looked into it and i kinda know what to expect.  Anyone else starting Tysabri soon?

Good Luck MrsP! I just had number 5 (possibly 6 - cant remember!)

Good luck I hope it works well for you,so you can really enjoy your littleun knowing you are giving the MonSter a bashing.

Take care


LOL thanks :=)

Good luck thumbsup

I hope it works for you. I had a can today and having blood test tue for JC then I have to see neuro, I have decided irrespective to have but need too see neuro bout 3rd week July

I had a scan as well as a few cans-ha :slight_smile:

lol gettin jc test done at first infusion so goin in blind lol probably for the best

Good luck

Thinking of you x
Wish I cold do b4 test, made mind up consultant not let me.

Exciting! I hope it works brilliantly for you happy2

Karen x

I'm going for my 48th infusion now on Thursday its the best choice I've ever made I've really enjoyed give MS a good bashing and winning the fight :)

Mark x

Im going for infusion no. 1 on July 19th happy2

Had blood test today for JC virus. Just waiting result and we off


Awesome,let me know how it goes...!

Having my test at my first infusion... but ive already decided Im positive lol and just going for it anyway... if i turn out to me negative, then thats a bonus!