Tysabri and other non MS treatments


When Is tarted Tysabri I was told to carry my patient alert card at all times and make sure anyone else treating me for anything was made aware I am on Tysabri.  I am due to have a very minor op in the next couple of weeks for something unrelated to MS and when I told the surgeon what treatment i was on he really brushed over it after saying he didnt really know what Tysabri was and then moved on. Which is fine and hopefully Tysabri doesnt have any effect on this. But it concerns me that the MS team say you must carry the card and you must make everyone aware as tho its a big deal and then other docs dont know what it is and dont bother looking into it....

Any thoughts anyone? Should I ask someone else if its ok to have an op?


Probably could speak to your MS nurse and see what they say about it...