Medical alert bracelet

Good morning everyone, I know I’m probably sounding paranoid and the odds of getting a reaction are small but does anyone on Tysabri wear a medical alert bracelet? I’m having my first infusion on 9/10 and given my past history of having side effects when I’ve been on other drugs and which has resulted in two hospital admissions, I’m really concerned about taking a drug that has known serious and life threatening side effects. Thanks Taz

They give you a wee card you are supposed to keep in your purse. I think it is because Tysabri can make your bloods look a bit funny if you are (God forbid) in an accident or something and are wheeled into A&E, so it’s good for emergency staff to know. If you are more conscientious about doing this than I have ever been, that would certainly be a good thing!

As for reactions to the drugs, you will probably find that they want to keep you there for at least an hour after the infusion to check that you are doing OK (this is normal, and keeps on being the case, even when you have had multiple infusions with no problems). They also do lots of obs before, during and after infusion, so you will find that you are being very carefully looked after.

The risks that MS is posing to your health and wellbeing (and mine) are big and frightening. Tysabri is one of the strongest and most effective ways to address that risk. Tysabri is on your side. Try not to worry too much.



Thanks Alison. I’m trying not to worry, i think ive read too much about thevsude effects instead of focusing on the benefits of this drug, which I’m hoping will stop my relapses, which are happening more frequently. It’s very reassuring though that you are well looked after by the infusion team. Taz