Tysabri and LDN?

I have googled the hell out of this (!!) but no luck.

I have, as one d***head neuro put it years ago, Rapidly Evolving Severe RRMS. I have been on Tysabri from the phase iii trials (6 years ish). I havent relapsed in all this time and have ‘plateaued’. Which is all good but due to previous ‘attacks’ I have plateaued at a fairly poor state.

My balanced is very poor, legs very stiff and i’m very fatigued?

On top of tysabri I take 150mg per day pregablin and 300mg per day gabapentin (both for stiffness) and citilopram for anxiety/depression.

I would like anyones opinion on my position which I’m going to put to my neuro next tysabri infusion. “Can I ditch (over time obviiously) Pregab and gabapen and my anti depressant for LDN??”

Have I read too many websites??

Any thoughts / experiences or opinions are very welcome.



Hi Andrew. I take LDN as well as 600mg pregabalin per day. I also take rebif DMD. There is no problem taking LDN with gaba but I don’t know for sure about Tysabri. LDN could help you with the symptoms you live with now. Roger

I take LDN as well as amatryptaline,lyrica,and citalapram.I’m supposed to be going on Tysabri in January.I asked the neuro about taking Tysabri and LDN and he said there is no reson to stop LDN or any other meds just because I’m on Tysabri.He has another patient who is taking Tysabri along with LDN.Hope this helps,xxjo