Tysabri 6 months MRI

Hi I was diagnosed fairly recently with a highly active form of RRMS. I have had 7 doses of Tysabr I and have just had the MR I report back. It shows that my disease is still highly active. I have multiple new lesions in my brain and spinal cord. I presume that may explain why I am walking like I have taken up crushing grapes for a living ! Should I ask my consultant about changing DMT?

Well worth having a chat to discuss the recent results.

That is very disappointing, Jeni, and I am sorry to hear it. Definitely time for a chat with the neurologist, and I am sure that he/she will be wanting to talk to you too. Whether you decide between you to give Tysabri a chance or whether it’s time for a change of tack, you need to review, and I think you should be as pro-active as you need to be to make that happen.

Thanks for your advise. I am not getting anywhere. I am looking to change neurologist but not sure how to go about it.

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