Two silly questions!

Hi everyone! Firstly, my apologies that I seem to take more than I give to this site-I’m not dx and hubby has banned me from the internet,as he’s sure its all in my mind and doesn’t want anything else put in there, so I generally read and run during short breaks at work! I have two questions I hope someone can help me out with please! Firstly, why would a radiologist suggest a lumbar puncture on an MRI report? What, apart from ms can they help to detect? Secondly, could someone explain spasticity?I can read it up, but it doesn’t help me know what it feels like! Is it like cramp without the pain, and legs not wanting to bend or straighten?I have this mildly, worse after resting, in the morning and after getting out of the bath. Many thanks for any thoughts! Kay xxx

Hi Don’t know if this helps or not. I’m provisionally diagnosed-having a lumbar puncture tomorrow. Usually recommended by a neurologist- the purpose is to confirm anti bodies in the Central spinal fluid - indicative of MS. My neuro described my leg as spasticated- I think it covers a wide range my leg just doesnt obey my commands all the time and feels tired- also worse after rest and in mornings. Hope this helps

Hello, Kay.

There are no silly questions. If you need to know something, then asking a question is the best thing.

So, first, the MRI leading to an LP. This is not to detect MS, but rather the opposite. An MRI can show “something”. A sample of the cerebro-spinal fluid can show an indicator that confirms MS. The radiologist has seeen that “something” and wants a second check done. Sounds like someone is really on the ball.

Spasticity. When a limb is slow to move, or will not move, that is Spasticity. If someone else can move the limb and it stays moved, that is Waxy Spasticity

I guess that your OH just wants to keep you away from Dr Google (too many wrong diagnoses from Dr G), but you can always ask here. Almost always there is someone who knows the answer.


Thank you both for your replies! This Limbo Land milarky is really doing my head in! Just never knowing what’s what! Thanks again! Kay xxx

Geoff, I am sure you are right.

Kay, if your OH has not been doing a bit of crafty Dr Googling on the sly, I will be most surprised. But the advice not to do so is still absolutely sound - for you both!


Thinking about it, that was a really stupid thing to say. Assuming your OH is a bloke, he might well not have done - they are often way too sensible!



How very rude of me AB1707-good luck for tomorrow-let us know how you get on! Alison,I very much doubt if he has, as he keeps telling me its just old age-I’m 48 and he’s only 3 years behind me! And if he tells me once more while I’m waiting to hear re my 2nd MRI, this time of brain and neck four weeks ago, that “no news is good news” I’ll scream! Great that its obviously nothing urgent, but no news is, well, no news! Its driving me nuts! Kay xxx

I can relate to that. Mr Alison100 doesn’t go chasing after trouble either.

The annoying thing (no?) is that their advice on these matters is so darned good!



Oh, I know he’s right, and I’m usually a ‘glass half full’ sort of person, but right now, in limbo I’m just about down to my last mouthful! Kay xxx

My wife has banned me from DR .goggle , glad she did ( messed me up for a while ) I’m still waiting DX , but would be a miracle if its not ms I stick to this site and the lovely people on it for my questions and advice , they have been great Good luck