Two points of fatigue

Oh what a beautiful morning.

Sorry if I’ve just triggered an ear worm there prompting memories of local am dram productions of Oklahoma. The one I saw started with “There’s a bright golden haze on the etc etc” without accompaniment. The poor chap had been given the wrong note to start on so when the orchestra came in there was an embarrassing tonal clash.

Now, about fatigue. I have two main thoughts about this.

  1. I will always yawn; even if I’m not too bad. In company this will prompt the usual jibes about being on the lash all night or comments relating to the so called “beauties” of retirement and staying up all night watching box sets. I will quitely explain that while I may have been in front of the telly all night, I was asleep on the chair. There are occasions when sleep is not forthcoming. That’s when I bake bread “so shut up and eat your lovely fresh toast”.

  2. If you want to fight, expect a battle. This relates well to the “pick your arguments” mantra. I wouldn’t fight my fatigue the day before a trip out. Who was that king who tried to order the waves back? He should have done it when the tide was going out.

Hope everyone is coping.

Best wishes, Steve