Twitchy muscles visable to the eye!!

Hello Everyone, I have been having twitchy muscles that I can see all day lasting a good few seconds. I have had a bad migraine since last Sunday. This is also causing blurred vision again with all the other symptoms I have ( very long list). My gp said I may need to see an eye doctor. My next neurologist appointment is on 25th Nov. The Gp said there is a problem with my last MRI ( had 2 in July) but he could not tell me what. I also started the MS fatigue group last week. Not sure how much more of this I can take. Still on Gabapentin and baclofen. There are other meds I can take if needed. The crawling sensations in my face have intensified. Lina

Hello there Lina,

stay strong I hope you get some answers from your neuro appointment in Nov

kind regards

Hello Lina

You’ve had a pretty miserable time of it lately. It must seem like the next appointment is months away, it’s 4 weeks - a blink of an eye when you think of the time you’ve already waited. Your GP was right not to tell you the results of your MRI. They’re just not qualified to analyse MRI scans. But that does seem like a heck of a time, from July to November.

I do hope you can cope with your symptoms for the next 4 weeks, if you really can’t, try phoning the neurologists secretary and see if there’s a cancellation or any chance of a sooner appointment. If in the meantime your GP can give you any other drugs to help, then take them.

You might find that a drug like Amitriptyline might help. You need to take them in the early evening, so you don’t get a kind of ‘hangover’ type dopy effect the next morning, but they don’t work for neuropathic pain, and help with sleep too.

Keep in touch with us on the forum.


Thanks Sue, Still on gabapentin,baclofen and now Carbamazepine I have Trigeminal neuralgia alongside optic neuritis. I see neurologist week after next and have and MRI on 29th!!! It’s only nearly 12 years a few more months should be ok. Trying to be positive. The Ms fatigue group has been helpful. At least my Gps are listening and supporting. I hope you are ok. Lina