twitcht legs or restless legs

This irresistible urge to keep moving my legs drives me up the wall. It only ever happens when I’m relaxing and I’ve found sitting on the floor and stretching it out helps. It hurts too but once I’ve hauled myself off the floor I usually find the sensation has lessened.

Anna x

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I’ll try that next time. I live in dread of a long journey or theatre/cinema outing being ruined by my constant movement. I’m going to try upping my dose of Amitriptyline after my upcoming holiday, my Nurse said I can and the GP should have her letter by now.

Jan x


Thanks for all the advice and help. Experimenting has been postponed for the time being, I am going to bed much earlier.

The options that interest me are either pregablin or else the Magnesium option. I do think tiredness is a contributory factor, I am woken up after about 6 1/2 hours sleep needing a pee and then I cannot get back to sleep so I am starting to think about an afternoon nap.

I am seeing my MS Consultant at the end of the month and I will have a chat with him about this whole problem because it is affecting my quality of life.