Trying to get refered to a neurologist???

I’ve posted before for some advice so I will cut to the chase. I suspect I may have MS, i am 23 with small children to look after, my mother has it too, and I’ve been showing several symptoms. I’ve constantly been getting sidelined by doctors. I had an MRI in November and I’m till waiting on the results but while waiting I’ve been referred to a pain management specialist by a spinal surgeon. They don’t listen to what I tell them and have put incorrect info on my medical records. I’m planning on putting together a sort of list/info sheet, so I don’t miss anything or get sidetracked on my next appointment, to see what my new doctor thinks and if he thinks I need a neurologist. I’d just like some advice on weather I’m putting it across correctly? or is it just a bad idea?


  • vision problems - moving from long to short sighted in one eye every few months - optician has orderd blood tests and sent me to an eye specialist who can’t see anything wrong with the retina and bood test clear.
  • excessive/unjustified tiredness/fatigue
  • memory
  • pain - on the spine like an almost constant crushing and occasional sharp stabbing.
  • intimate problems… whitout going into detail…

day-to-day problems

  • forgetting to turn cooker/gas off ( this is very VERY unlike me, i usually have a very good memory)
  • forgetting silly little things… like when the rabbit chewed through a wire and I then get annoyed no one told me so I could replace the wire… turns out I was in the room when it happend :confused:
  • unhappy/grumpy from pain
  • overtired and frustrated that i struggle dong everyday household jobs and i want to go out and do things.
  • difficulty walking to the local shops without having to stop and rest
  • need help going to the supermarket as the trolley is heavy and i have to online shop and i get annoyed by that too :confused:
  • struggle around the shopping centre too
  • can’t cook/bake like I would liketo as chopping/preparing food is difficult and bending to the oven can be agrivating and painful.

i’m thinking something along those lines, to see if it is taken note of. they often dont give me a chance to explain myself when i’m telling them something so i think it will do the job. please forgive the typing errors, the batteries on this keyboard are low. i am not usually this illiterate.

thank you in advance for your help.