Trying to be a normal dad


I think this link will work.

I wrote this last December but only just discovered it on my blog site.

It’s just so hard trying to be normal sometimes.

Best wishes.

Steve I wish I new how to be a normal Parent my kids were all so different I never knew how to look after them they never come with operating instructions so we just made it up as we went along.

XX Don

I will read the blog soon I am tooooooooooooo tired now

Steve, you are a good Dad! I must have missed this blog I had to laugh …Ive had years of parents evenings and annual reviews and all kinds of reviews and care plans / crisis meetings …this list goes on . I like the special schools best the teachersbecome like extended family …they really care . Primary school is great though , it’s changed a lot since Jonathan our oldest went . I used to feel sorry for the teachers though you’d always get some parents who insisted on half an hour for their little angels instead of the 5 minute slot . I don’t go to Isabelles parents evenings now she’s at high school, Lee goes instead , I feel awful for not going but she prefers it that way , just her and her Dad . I think she doesn’t like all the palaver with the wheelchair and the dog …I don’t get offended , we go all over the place together but I think she’s slightly embarrassed by the attention I bring. I love going to Molly’s parents evening’s or anything at her school …special schools are magical and you always come home from presentions and award evenings on a high . Well it was lovely to read Steve …I bet it takes some getting used to being on the other side of the desk . I’m pleased that it is going well for your little one …Rose is lucky to have a fantastic Daddy . Michelle and Frazer xx