Trigeminal neuralgia

I have had ,Trigeminal Neuralgia for several years. I have just had the (Balloon compresion) opperation which has been very good so far. I have side effects from the opperation . I have more spasyms, eyesite problems very bard short tearm memory etc. Has anybody else had the same? Please for give my spelling.


Hi Derek, I’m so pleased that the TN seems to be under control. I’ve never had it but have heard it is the worst pain ever. Must have been hell having it for several years.

When did you have the surgery?

The reason I ask is because your current increase in symptoms might be a reaction to the surgery. You know how MS hates anything like that. It’s possible that things will settle down again. In meantime Derek try and get as much rest as possible.

I haven’t had surgery since I’ve had MS but a few years ago I had a really bad bout of flu and my MS went mad and didn’t settle down for a few months.

Take care and hope you’re feeling better soon,

Pat x

Hello Derek, This sounds so simple. A base ball cap and a good pair of sunglasses can help with your trigeminal neuralgia. Its not a cure but it may help.Give the TV a miss. After your operation you need to just give your self a rest. Another thing is dont drive a car with the window open. Be kind to your self. Dont worry about your cognitive problems. Mine are terrible. Its part of this exclusive club we all belong too. Listen to what aunty Pat said as well.

Hope you feel better soon,