Trigeminal Neuralgia

Hi all

Is there anyone who sufferers with Trigeminal Neuralgia because of their MS? I have a plaque in the trigeminal nerve.
I have had this awful condition for 7 years now and the past 2 years have been a nightmare, my neurologist just can’t seem to get it under any control, I have had 2 pulsed radio frequency operations which help to stop the pain for a few months then it just starts all over again, I have exhausted all medication and they are struggling to come up with a solution for longer term pain relief.
If there is anyone who also suffers this condition as well as the MS what treatments have you received and how successful have they been for you?

Many thanks


Linda - it can be so so sore and I have had it, back and forth the last wee while - my gp said it is very important to keep your head warm and avoid draughts getting into your ear - so I wear a woolly hat a lot now and touch wood, it seems to have eased, may not be that simple for many folk.

Good luck


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Hi Linda, I have had it since January this year and totally sympathise as when the pain strikes its horrific. I’m on a mix of Carbamezapine, baclofen and gabapentin but still get bouts of pain inbetween weeks/months of good spells. In fact just had a flare up the last few days. sending you a big hug xx

So sorry for such a late reply, I have not been on the site for months! have focused more on the trigeminal nuralgia part of my problem so been researching that.

It’s bad enough having the MS but TN on top is a nightmare.

I have now been put forward for a neuro stimulation operation and currently on the waiting list to see if that will help? medication does not work for me anymore.

I hope you are pain free from TN at the moment. Big hugs

Linda xx