Tremors and holding a mobile phone

Hi all

My hubby has PPMS and with it’s progression he has tremors really bad in his hands…

Do you know of any good mobile phones for people with tremors he really only needs for calls as he has an ipad for anything else but he cannot text.

Kind regards


Hi Caz

As he’s already got an iPad the only route would be an iPhone if it were me, using Siri for text or just the microphone function, next to the space bar if he wants to send a recorded message by text. They also mirror one another as far as messages, emails and photos etc.

oh, did I say I’m an Apple fan

Good luck hunting for the right device for him.


Hi Paul,

Thanks unfortunately even using the ipad has its bad points for him but he uses that for internet music etc…

The phone I want him to have by him along with our house phone and incase he drops one he has another. I have looked at the basic Doro phones with minimum recall numbers but not sure about them.

If he can use the house one OK, is it not possible to buy an additional handset for it? Then he could have a pair by him, in case he drops one of them.

I have two handsets for mine, and keep one upstairs and one downstairs - the only obstacle is remembering to keep both charged (though that’s true of a mobile too).


Hi Caz

I use the basic Doro. I find that it is not too technical and easy to use.

I also like the flashing light on the top when a call/text comes through.

Good luck with it.

Shazzie x


i have a binatone which has an sos button on back which automatically contacts my son for help. it has large keys too. i wear in a pouch round my neck most of the time.