Tremors and holding a landline phone

Hi all,

My hubby has PPMS and his tremors are really bad and no medication will help.

When I phone him during the day he has great difficulty holding the phone and even drops it which then makes retrieving it difficult until his carer comes. He does however keep his mobile close for those times.

He tries to rest it on his chest and lays back so it can be hands free but that can still be an issue.

Do you have any ideas and do you have the same problem?

Many Thanks



yes me!

my house phone has loud speaker option, so does my mobile.

is that an option to try?


Hi ellie,

Yes he does the loudspeaker but as he is bedbound most of the time he has to rest the cordless phone on his chest.

I thought of a phone system with headset but even putting that on himself is an issue.


Can he attach the mobile to a chain to wear round his neck, so he doesn’t drop it?

Head phones?

That’s my contribution

Good luck x

Oops! Just read your reply to Ellie.

Scratch my idea.


Hi lushcaz,

I’d love to hear if you had any luck around the phone issues.

My mum has MS and also struggles using a telephone. The key issues are (1) dialing and (2) holding phone close to her mouth and (3) her voice being picked up by the mic on the phone.

I’m currently looking into landline phones with better mics or ability to attach an external mic.


You used to be able to get “props” that went on a handset so you could brace the phone against your shoulder - a bit firmer than trying to tuck it under your chin. Office supply stores or electronic stores might be a good start (Viking or Maplins???)

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