Trekking Poles and elasticised knee supports

Wondered if anybody with leg weakness and mobility issues would be interested to know that some Liddls stores are currently stocking these for a short period: 2 poles at £13 and Knee supports at £8. No idea how they compare pricewise with what is available elsewhere.

Thanks, that is helpful to know.

By complete coincidence, I was looking at trekking poles on Amazon the other day (now that I have been walking more), and a basic pair seem to go for about £15, although you can pay more than £100, if you really want to. I’m not sure what a £100-pair would do for you that a £15-pair wouldn’t; I’d expect them to do the walking for me, at that price (images of Wallace and Gromit trousers spring to mind).

So anyway, £13 might be a slight saving, for the basic kind, but I don’t think it’s an outstanding bargain . I suppose the advantage would be you could hold them and try them, in the shop, before buying. But a hiking and camping shop might have more choice.

I’ve no idea what is a decent price for a knee brace, or whether they even help with MS.


Well personally I think I’d want one of those Segway Personal Transports, they look great fun - and there arent too many cliffs round here! But I dont suppose you get much change from a couple of thousand. Wonder why you dont see them much in use?

Segway would be of no use to me. My balance is so bad I’d be wobbling all over the place at a greater rate than I already do!

Trekking poles are so good for holding you upright and balanced. As people do seem to be bent over and one-sided with a walking stick. The pointy end is good for soft-ground to give a grip and you can put the tips back on for walking on a hard surface. Knee supports to help - and as they are called do support weak knees. l don’t think it is a bad price at Lidls - l have bought yoga mats/carrying bags before from there and they are very good quality.

l shall ask my OH to see if our lidl has still got them. As we do tend to somehow lose trekking poles.


As I understand (Segways) are not cleared for road use in the UK. But a local news report said that our towns police are going to use them in the summer for greater/faster mobility than foot patrols.

If this is the case, I will be straight on to my MP, stating, if the police can use them on the public roads, then so can the rest of us.

I will report on this forum if the police are using them, and what the position is regarding us the general public, using them.

Sorry that was a bit off topic, but as (Segways) were mentioned, I thought my post may be useful information, regarding this personal transport device.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).


l think we could be waiting a long time for Lidl to start stocking Segways. They look very futuristic - l think they are designed for ‘traffic free’ areas rather then amongst cars and buses. l first saw them being used on a Richard and Judy programme - a few years ago. They did not look easy to ride. We can but dream.