Hello, everyone.

I was doing the usual trawl of articles involving people with MS when I came across this:

It gives a good idea of one’s priorities when travelling. I also think she’s a true hero.

Best wishes, Steve.

I found this heart warming to read and feel that it inspires me never to give up. The other day…I was having a sad day feeling useless and yet i’d done loads… several trips on the bus to see my granddaughters and an outing with Molly, sometimes i see myself as having let them all down and feel a sense of shame about being in the chair and guilt as well because there are people far worse than me, but Ben my son was lovely he told me that he loved me and that even though i was in a wheelchair we still had lots of fun.

Michelle x

I have just read this very interesting piece. What a girl as you say Steve. May I add some tips and knowledge when travelling by aeroplane? If you are delayed on a plane. If you are sitting on the plane. Doors closed but without the engine running. The plane will not have the APU running. Which means you won’t have either heating or the air conditioning available. It can get very hot in these circumstances. Unless the Cpt authorises it. The doors cannot be opened slightly for ventilation. You can be in this situation for a couple of hours if the delay is a big one. My advice is. Always have something to cool yourself down with. A fan. Water and something g to distract yourself with, book.etc Always take hard boiled sweets for take off and landing (you never know when u may have ear problems ). I always take my own ibuprofen/paracetamol. These days aircraft are catered to the amount of passengers expected. No leeway. So I always take something I can nibble on in case I don’t like what is on offer. Also. I take my own water as there isn’t always enough water on board. Hope these tips help. Annex