Good afternoon everyone. I’ll tell you what, living 287 miles away from your family with PPMS is now necessitating an epic every time I want to go and see them. Finding the right time to face the M25, M40, M42, M6. M56 and M54 has the air of the roulette wheel. Toilet stops (the hard shoulder is most expedient), accessibility of service areas, disabled parking spaces, feed stops for our young daughter and sharing driving add to the Indianna Jones sense of the great adventure. I could go on but how many of you have read “War and Peace”? Needless to say 7 hours plus of travel leave us all fraught and exhausted. Is there a better way? Beam me up Scotty? The indignance is just beginning to subside. Good wishes, Steve.

Hi, move nearer, or tell them to visit you!

That`s how it is for me, as there are no houses I can get in easily, without destroying their decorations and stuff.


Hi Steve

I’ve wanted a tardis for many years now :slight_smile: Now I don’t have a driving licence, I’m beginning to think I might really need one :wink:

That’s a long journey, especially with a little’un. Is it a trip that might be better by train? Ok, strike that with the cost of train travel!

Sonia x