Traumatic experience

Not sure if you can help me with this as am I am unsure whether I have HSP or PPMS, but last weekend I had quite a traumatic experience… (My 21yo son ripped his arm on glass, severed his artery as well as nerves, tendons, muscles and other tissues. I had to put his arm back together whilst putting pressure on it to stop the blood until the ambulance arrived… he was floating in & out of consciousness… anyway… he’s fine, had a major op and has at least 6 months of physio ahead of him to gain use of his hand) But since then my whole body just feels broke!! So tired and weak… no energy to do anything. Legs stiffer than normal… but mainly I just feel so crappy!!

Can a traumatic experience make symptoms worse?

I am so sorry to hear what happened! How terrible; it sounds like you coped wonderfully though :slight_smile: I don’t know much about MS and trauma but I do believe stress can trigger episodes. Given you’ve been through something so big and stressful go easy on yourself and rest.

I’m sure someone else will offer more info but I just wanted to say hi.

Stardust x

Hi Jules, simple answer is yes! Trauma, stress, fatigue and heat can all make symptoms worse.

So sorry to hear about your son’s accident. No doubt you were extremely stressed… in fact terrified…and not surprising that symptoms have gone into overdrive.

Rest as much as you can.

I’m glad to hear that your quick actions no doubt saved your son’s life.

Take care and LOTS of rest!

Pat x

Hi Jules

Oh my word! What a terrible thing to happen - good job u were there to save his life. Well done you!!

I know that stress doesnt help people with MS, and I can imagine that was massively stressful!

Rest up now and take care of YOU too.

Paula xx

Firstly let me say I’m sorry about whats happened to your son and the trauma you’ve gone through as a result. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you. But most importantly he’s going to be ok with some help.

Secondly - does stress/trauma make MS worse?

I’m not diagnosed but my major episode of symptoms happened middle of october shortly after my partners brother was killed. It was a horrific car crash and my partner at the time was abroad looking after his mum who was dying with cancer. The police turned up on my doorstep and I had to give my partner the news over Skype. It wasn’t stressful but very traumatic hearing what had happened and difficult giving my partner the news knowing his mother was also dying. (she died 10 days after we buried the brother).

So if what I have is MS then from my experience trauma or stress does make you more prone to a flare up or can exacerbate old symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon & as stardust said, take things easy now that your son is on the mend and in good hands.



Thank you for your kind words and advice… I am resting… a lot… not got a lot of choice as I’m so tired! But at least I know it’s ‘normal’ to feel like this after what happened… hopefully I’ll start picking up again soon

Thank you x

Jules…poor you and your poor son. Cannot imagen what that day must of fealt like. You obviously dealt well with the situation at the time and helped saved your sons arm. Glad he is on the mend. Keep resting to get over the trauma, just try and concentrate on the fact that had you had not been so reactive, your son’s prognosis would be so much worse. A few days of exagerated symptoms, are worth saving his are. Well done you!

Reemez…what u have gone through recently is awful. Be proud of yourself that u have supported your partner through a truly awful time, whilst dealing with your own health issues. Its amazing isnt it, that inner strength kicks in when most needed.

Hope life improves for you both soon x