Transverse myelitis v cis

Does a diagnosis of transverse myelitis have more chance of developing ms compared to being diagnosed with a cis?

I would say a single episode of transverse myelitis IS also Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS). It’s just a bit more specific about the exact nature of the clinical episode, so from that point of view, a slightly more informative diagnosis. I don’t think it means the outlook is better or worse. A single episode of Optic Neuritis would also be CIS. My understanding is that people whose CIS takes the form of optic neuritis have a lower risk of converting to full-blown MS at some point in the future. But other than that, no, I don’t think there’s much to be read into what they decide to call it. NO species of CIS means you will certainly develop MS. Tina

i was originally dx with transverse myelitis but following a relapse a year later i did go on to a dx of ms…

i did read a lot about it at the time and it doesn’t mean every dx of TM will go on to MS

hopefully your dx will turn out to be a one off

take care


My original Dx was transverse myelitis. This was changed to MS after and LP and my second MRI scan, but well befor my first relapse. In essence, I met one of the MacDonald criteria, but not the other.
Like so many things, it does seem to be down to the individual Neuro.


I got diagnosed with tm 17 months ago, I’ve seen the neuro 3 times since because of strange goings on but he doesn’t think another MRI is necessary. I suppose I have to put my trust in him.