Transfusion of steroids

Hi All,

Hope Sunday is being good to you all.

I have just been in hospital for three days. Each day I had an infusion of steroids, each infusion taking 6 hours.

I also have IBS with constipation and this has caused me terrible constipation. Now taking laxatives for that. My questions are :

anyone else experiences on these infusions please. Did you feel better afterwards ? I can’t sleep and have been told it might be a month before this settles down, as the steroids excite the body.

Did anyone else suffer constipation ?

I have beenn given Amytriptyline also. Does this cause constipation? I can’t face any more of it. I seem to have a very sensitive system, any slight change in medication causes me constipation. Last time it ended up with me having to have an enema (sorry, is that too much info?)

I am also trying to lose weight, 8lbs so far, does ~Amytriptylene cause you to put on weight? I am on 10 drops a night.

Thanks all, I know you will help if you can.



Hello Anne,

I’m afraid I can’t give you any help with infusions of steroids as I take mine in pill form. But the constipation I have suffered for years with it. I now eat prunes for breakfast, an apple every evening and before I go to bed I take Lactulose and have found that this helps. Hope this helps and you soon feel better.



Hi. I have had one course of steroid iv. I didn’t sleep until day six. I am inclined to have constipation but don’t think steroids made it any worse. I also take amitriptyline 20mg morning and night. I take Alpen muesli at night and that seems to help the constipation also green tea is good. I didn’t get a big boost of energy but a gradual sense of feeling better that lasted for about four months. Hope this helps.